7 Best Packing Cubes for Traveling Families

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If you aren’t using packing cubes to keep your family organized while traveling, you are missing out on organizational bliss. Every traveling family needs a set of packing cubes in different sizes. Packing cubes for kids are a perfect way to help young travelers learn to pack. Whether it’s a weekend trip to grandma’s house, a week-long Disney cruise or an eventual once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe, cubes will keep the packing process sane and organized for family travel.  

There are a variety of ways to organize packing cubes. Each family member can have their own unique color or design, making them easy to identify. Packing cubes are easily lived out of while traveling, making packing to go home more efficient too. There could also be a steadfast rule that every person is only permitted a certain number of packing cubes if they’re sharing suitcases, and if things don’t fit in the packing cube, they can’t come on the trip. 

Best Packing Cubes for Kids (and their Grownups)

Packing cubes allow for the ability to pack items well in advance of a trip, making the daunting task of helping kids pack a lot easier. They keep all your clothing in one place while on the trip and make it easy to transport dirty clothes back home.  There’s truly no negative to using packing cubes in your suitcase when traveling with your family.

Here are the best packing cubes for kids and traveling families. 

PRO Packing Cubes 

The set of 10 PRO Packing cubes is ideal for families. The 10 cubes come in different sizes, which make it easier to fit larger and smaller clothing items, and in two different vibrant colors. This 10-piece set features two large cubes, four medium-size cubes and four extra small cubes for things like underwear, shoes, toiletries or charger cords. The packing cubes are lightweight so they don’t create extra bulk inside your suitcase. The cube fabric is also water resistant and durable, too. 

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cubes 

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cubes feature solid colors as well as cute travel-themed designs kids will love. The ultra-lightweight set of three packing cubes (one extra small cube, one small cube, and one medium cube), are water resistant. The nylon fabric is the same material used for tents and backpacks, making these packing cubes extra durable for families. Bonus: these cubes are machine washable.

Amazon Basics 4-Piece Packing Cube Set

This Amazon Basics four-piece packing cube set (a large cube, medium cube, small cube, and slim cube) comes in a variety of solid colors. The narrow, slim design is ideal for families who may have already invested in larger packing cubes. The small and extra small cube sizes are ideal for smaller clothing items like underwear, socks, T-shirts or even accessory items. The mesh top panel allows kids to see what is inside too without opening the cube. 

Tripped Travel Gear Packing Cubes 

These Tripped Travel Gear packing cubes come in fun travel-scene designs like a beach, sunset or road trip. The six-piece set includes two large compression cubes, two small compression cubes, a slim tube cube and a laundry bag/ shoe bag. The addition of the laundry bag makes it easy for little kids to put dirty clothes in one spot. Once clothes are zipped inside these packing cubes, the compression system eliminates any extra bulk, too. 

Taskin Clean/Dirty Compression Packing Cubes 

These Taskin packing cubes for traveling families are ideal because they offer a clean and dirty side in each cube. The set of six (three large and three medium) cubes feature two separate sides to store clothes. Use the clean side to hold all of your clothing, and after wearing some of the clothes they can be stored on the opposite, designated dirty side of the cube. The compression zipper eliminates any extra air in the cube and allows for tons more space inside your suitcase.  

Lewis N. Clark ElectroLight Compression Packing Cube

The Lewis N. Clark ElectroLight Compression Packing Cube Set features one large and one medium cube. It comes in a few solid colors with a front mesh panel and the double zipper compression system removes any extra air, saving plenty of space. The nylon fabric is water and stain resistant. These roomy kid-friendly packing cubes are ideal for bigger kids (with bigger clothes) or when packing for winter trips, when clothes are bulkier.

Bago Packing Cubes

The Bago Packing Cubes are ideal for traveling families because they come in a wide variety of colors. Each person in the family can have a designated color set for optimum organization, making it easy to share a larger suitcase among kids. The Bago set of four includes two large and two medium cubes. The mesh front panel allows for easy viewing of things inside. 

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