These 5 Allbirds Shoes Are My Go-To Footwear for Travel

These Allbirds are my tried-and-trues for travel.
Three pairs of Allbirds shoes that are great for travel
(Photo: Allbirds)
  • I’ve taken my Allbirds with me on dozens of trips around the world and have walked hundreds of miles in them.
  • I like Allbirds for travel because they hold up well for comfort, style, and adaptability.
  • These are my top Allbirds picks in women’s, men’s, and kids’ styles.

Over the last decade, I’ve become something of an expert in Allbirds for travel. By wearing my various pairs around the world—in London, in Tokyo, in the Sacred Valley and in Sacre Coeur, to name just a few trips—I’ve tested out which models work best on the road. From sneakers to slip-ons and flats, Allbirds has sustainably sourced and comfortable shoes that are generally pretty easy to pack and stand up to the rigors of travel.

My Picks: Best Allbirds for Travel

After walking hundreds of miles in destinations around the world wearing Allbirds, I have some strong opinions about which shoes hold up best to the demands of travel—demands that include comfort, style, and adaptability. These are the models I recommend for women, men, and kids.

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Wool Loungers

front view and side view of Allbirds Wool Loungers in gray
These Allbirds Wool Loungers don’t look too athletic but deliver a ton of walking comfort (Photo: Allbirds)

Allbirds’ Wool Loungers (for both women and men) feel as good as your comfiest sneakers, but just look a little less aggressively athletic, so they’re good for cross-training, and by cross-training I mean going from a cafe to a museum and then for a sightseeing walk and then to a bar.

They also have that Allbirds magic of resisting odors for longer than most (and can be tossed into the washing machine when the smells eventually win), which makes them extra great for summer travel and barefoot wear. These slip-ons can be dressed up or down, come in women’s and men’s sizing, and there’s usually a limited-edition color option if you won’t want to opt for the standard grays, blacks, and whites. 

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This is also a good place to note that the Merino wool material of many Allbirds models stays surprisingly cool and breathable even on sweltering days, and is not itchy at all. I mean clearly, there are days meant for sandals and not sneakers, but for warm-weather walking, these wool shoes remain a good option.

Wool Pipers

side view and back view of black Allbirds Wool Loungers
Allbirds Wool Loungers are a solid choice for travelers (Photo: Allbirds)

The Wool Pipers (for women and men) are my most recent pair of Allbirds, purchased in advance of a trip on which I knew I would be walking at least five miles per day but also wanted to look medium chic because, Europe, and summer, and dresses. And they were everything I needed them to be: they felt like sneakers but had a slightly sleeker silhouette, they cradled my sweaty feet unjudgingly and did not stink up my suitcase, and because they didn’t rub or pinch, I could wear them day after day. (Update: Three years after purchasing them, I just wore them for 10+ mile a day visit to Disneyland. Verdict: Still comfortable.)

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My only complaint was that I had worn them with socks a few times and that created some minor pilling along the inside heel (but I just ruthlessly plucked off those bits and that fixed the problem). And if the thought of wool is just too much, Allbirds also has Tree Pipers (in women’s and men’s sizes), which look the same as the Wool Pipers but are made from eucalyptus fiber.

Women’s Treebreezers Flats

Close-up and lifestyle shot of Allbirds Tree Breezers flats
Allbirds Tree Breezers adapt well to travel (Photo: Allbirds)

I am not one of those people who can wear flats all the time, so I’m not recommending that these are the only pair of shoes to bring on a walking-intensive vacation. That said, I pack my Tree Breezers nearly every time I go anywhere and here’s why. These are flats that pack nearly flat. They’re also super lightweight, and take up less room than a pair of slippers.

For flats, they’re really comfortable, and can handle quite a bit of walking without drama (blisters, foot pain, etc.). They’re also durable, reasonably priced, and can last for years because you can buy replacement insoles for them. They come in some great colors and they are a practical-but-not-dowdy option for nights out that spare you from needing to pack (and wear) heels. 

Trail Runner SWT Mizzles

side views of blue limited edition Allbirds Trail Runner SWT Mizzles
Allbirds Trail Runner SWT Mizzles go on and off trail (Photo: Allbirds)

As travel shoes, Allbirds’ Trail Runner SWT Mizzles for women and men are perfect, ready for uneven terrain including cobblestone streets, trails, and patio bars. They’re super grippy with all-weather traction, which makes them good for wet-weather conditions–both in the form of winter travel and, say, kicking back on a boat. And truth be told, the limited-edition colors look too good to only be used on the trail. For similarly fun colors but a slightly different weather-resistant silhouette, you can also opt for Wool Dashers Mizzles in men’s and women’s sizes. 

Kids’ Smallbirds Wool Loungers

side and back views of teal Smallbirds Wool Loungers
Smallbirds Wool Loungers simplify kids’ shoe situation on vacation (Photo: Allbirds)

After a summer family vacation during which I asked my kid to retie her shoes about 7,000 times, I decided that, yes, of course you want your children to learn how to tie a bow, but vacation doesn’t need to be the time to constantly practice the skill.

Enter Smallbirds Wool Loungers for little kids and big kids. There’s no need to tie these slip-ons, so you can focus on what’s around you rather than on keeping your kid from very nearly falling down the stairs of the Eiffel Tower (true story). 

The other pretty big win with these is that whether with or without socks, blisters aren’t really an issue, which if you’ve needed to do an emergency shop partway through a vacation to buy shoes that don’t rub for your limping child, you will definitely enjoy. 

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