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Staycation 101: Creating a Backyard Vacation for Your Family

Summer vacations this year might be staying a little closer to home. Creating the perfect staycation for your backyard will guarantee the kids will want to be repeat guests each summer. Backyard games, s’mores, and sleeping bags give your family the tools you need to reconnect while camping out on your next backyard staycation. Here’s how to create a backyard vacation packed with fun outdoor activities for kids.


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Every great vacation starts with accommodations. Creating the best staycation accommodation requires a little more creativity. Pop a tent right in the backyard. A tent with a skylight in the ceiling panel that can fit the whole family is more of an investment, but it’s perfect for stargazing. Or, if it’s primarily for day-use, try a kid-sized tent to give space to little ones craving independence.

Fill the tent with sleeping bags (sized for kids or adults), air mattresses, pillows and blankets, battery-operated lanterns, flashlights and books for before bedtime reading. Make sure your kids’ favorite stuffed animals or comfort items are also inside to ensure a good outdoor sleep for all. And though it’s not something you’d think of right away, if noise is a concern in your backyard, consider setting up a battery-operated white-noise machine—perhaps one that plays nature sounds.

Things to Do

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After setting up your tent for your staycation, it’s time for the family to explore the backyard. Create a field day in your backyard filled with fun outdoor activities for kids. An outdoor scavenger hunt will have kids working together to find a treasure. Backyard games like corn hole, giant Jenga, ladder ball toss, lawn bowling, volleyball, water balloon tosses and three-legged races will have the whole family involved in the outdoor play.

Cool down with a slip and slide, inflatable toddler splash or if you want to take your staycation to the next level, transform your backyard into an inflatable water park.


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Good food can make or break any vacation. Grilling on the BBQ for your staycation is fun for the grill master in the family and also means easier clean up. Or consider a Takibi if you want a single, portable grill and fire pit. Add some delicious treats to your staycation too. S’mores kits, popcorn, or an ice cream sundae bar make for great after-dinner treats before starting your evening entertainment.

Nighttime Fun

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Once treats are in hands, turn on the string lights to create that magical backyard feeling and watch a movie under the stars. Hang a sheet or cast a movie directly onto the side of the house with an outdoor projector; or take your movie viewing to the next level and invest in an inflatable outdoor projector screen.

If your family prefers to keep your staycation screen free, play a game of flashlight tag or make shadow puppets inside the tent. Or spend time around a fire pit roasting marshmallows, telling stories and reconnecting as a family.

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