Welcome to a New Kind of Family Travel Website

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Parents with kids. Adult family groups traveling together. Aunts taking nieces and nephews on adventures. Couples knit tight by the bonds of chosen family. Pet parents. At FamilyVacationist, we know family comes in all shapes, sizes, and orientations, and we’re excited to invite you into ours. 

In the months and years to come, we’ll share stories that speak to the specific challenges and joys of different family traveler groups, but here’s a taste of what we already have. 

All Travelers

We’re all travelers, and we don’t always fit into a single travel category. With that in mind, we also cover topics we hope will be useful and inspiring no matter what type of trip you’re imagining. 

Parents/Guardians/Caregivers with Kids 

Whether you’re traveling with babies, teens, or kids in between, you’re creating the adventures that shape your kids and the family story. From inspiring ideas to practical tips, we’re with you every step of the way. 

Multi-generational Family Groups 

Vacations that include multiple generations of family can be a little more complicated, but they’re also a lot more fun. And built-in babysitters promise more vacation time for parents as well. 

Families of Two 

Whether you’re pre-kids or aren’t planning to have kids, you and your partner are family. And chances are, you sometimes travel to or with parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, or other family members. Here’s to families of two!

Skip-Gen Travel (Grandparents and Grandkids) 

Not only is skip-gen travel a great way for grandparents and grandkids to forge their own relationships, it also offers memories that will last a lifetime. And let’s face it: Sometimes, grandparents and grandkids need to explore the world without parents slowing them down. With the current state of the pandemic, skip-gen travel isn’t an option for most, but it will be back and better than ever. 

Super-Aunts, Amazing Uncles, and Other Awesome Family 

We speak from personal history when we say you are a huge part of raising the next generation. You teach kids about adventure, joy, and how it feels to be listened to, but without the parental baggage. We salute you. 

In this time of uncertainty, here’s something we know for sure: Travel and family are about connecting with others, and we’re excited for a future filled with both. 

Christine Sarkis and Josh Roberts
Christine Sarkis and Josh Roberts are the co-founders and executive editors at FamilyVacationist.com. Together, they have nearly 40 years of travel publication experience and are excited to deliver family travel advice and inspiration to all family travelers.