9 Outdoor Patio Heaters That Will Keep You Warm All Season Long

Make every night feel like a staycation with a patio heater that will keep your outdoor space warm all fall and winter long.
Child enjoying outdoor patio heater on vacation (Photo: Shutterstock)
Photo: Shutterstock

You don’t have to give up on your patio or backyard when those cool fall nights arrive. An outdoor patio heater (or two) will keep the area right outside your home usable even when the temperatures drop. Plus, like the best backyard fire pits, a stylish patio heater gives your outdoor space total staycation vibes.

The Best Patio Heaters and Outdoor Heat Lamps

You can go with an outdoor propane heater or an electric-powered outdoor space heater. A free-standing heat lamp can be a good choice if you have room for one, while a wall-mounted outdoor heater frees up floor space.

To give you some ideas for your outdoor space, we’ve compiled this list of top patio heaters of the year based on customer reviews, functional features, and just how warm and toasty they’ll keep you. 

AmazonBasics 46,000 BTU Outdoor Propane Patio Heater

AmazonBasics Outdoor Propane Patio Heater (Photo: Amazon)
AmazonBasics Outdoor Propane Patio Heater (Photo: Amazon)

This affordable patio heater from AmazonBasics is all about options. It comes in finishes ranging from brown wicker and stainless steel to a cool slate gray or bright Bahama blue. It’s got a nine-foot heating radius and features a push-button ignition for quick start-up. Wheels make it easy to move, and a waterbox can be filled with H2O for extra stability. If it ever tips over, the shut-off tilt valve instantly turns everything off.

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This propane patio heater has gotten thousands of five-star reviews for its easy assembly and heating power. Reviewers say it “pumps out the heat” and call it “worth every penny” and the “best purchase ever.”

Where to buy: Amazon

Briza Infrared Patio Heater

Briza Infrared (Photo: Amazon)
Briza Infrared (Photo: Amazon)

This electric patio heater from Briza scores points for its flexibility. It comes with an adjustable tripod stand that reaches up to seven feet and can be positioned in a variety of spaces—or it can even be mounted to a wall or ceiling. It’s quiet, heats up quickly, and can withstand the elements. A remote control makes it easy to turn on and off, and a built-in timer allows you to set when you want it to shut down.

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Reviewers on Amazon have rated it five stars for how well it keeps them warm, saying that it “spread the heat far enough to be felt by all those that were sitting in the patio” and that the heat “feels like the warmth of the sun.” Another reviewer calls it “a dream come true.”

Where to buy: Amazon

Hampton Bay Bronze Heat-Focusing Propane Gas Patio Heater

Hampton Bay Bronze Heat-Focusing Propane Heater (Photo: Home Depot)
Hampton Bay Bronze Heat-Focusing Propane Heater (Photo: Home Depot)

The cone-shaped burners on this Hampton Bay propane-fueled patio heater produce 38,200 BTUs of heat, which can keep a 120-square-foot outdoor space warm. The reflector helps you direct the heat where warmth is needed, and there’s no pilot light so it’s easy to turn on. A weighted base keeps the space heater stable, and wheels help you move it from spot to spot. 

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With more than 800 five-star reviews, customers praise its easy assembly and quality construction, and call the adjustable heat reflector “a game changer.” Reviewers say the outdoor heater “works amazingly well,” “looks good on the deck,” and “far exceeds our expectations.”

Where to buy: Home Depot

Pamapic Patio Ceiling Heater

Pamapic Ceiling Heater (Photo: Amazon)
Pamapic Ceiling Heater (Photo: Amazon)

This ceiling-mounted Pamapic electric outdoor heater is a great option for gazebos or roofed patios and balconies. A rope switch allows you to turn on the space heater as easily as you would a light, and it heats up quickly and quietly, since there’s no fan. The heating distance is a little less than a bigger standing unit, but it still keeps you comfortably warm and is waterproof for withstanding the elements.

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Five-star reviews on Amazon say it’s a breeze to set up and is “easy to turn off and on.” One reviewer calls it a “great patio heater,” while another says that it’s “perfect and gives a great warmth.”

Where to buy: Amazon

Comfort Zone 1500-Watt Indoor/Outdoor Metal Electric Patio Heater

Comfort Zone Metal Electric Outdoor Heater (Photo: Home Depot)
Comfort Zone Metal Electric Outdoor Heater (Photo: Home Depot)

Turn your patio into year-round living space with this electric outdoor heater from Comfort Zone. The waterproof wall-mountable option can be turned on and adjusted (there are three different heat settings) with an included remote control, so you can stay relaxed on your outdoor chaise or chair. It’s fast and efficient, warming up your space quickly, and keeps you toasty even if it’s windy. 

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Buyers rate it highly for being “very well-made and solid” and like its “sleek and compact design.” One reviewer calls it “a really nice, durable heater to have,” while another notes that “it casts a beautiful warm amber glow when on at night and gives me the chance to sit outside with friends.”

Where to buy: Home Depot

Gasland Propane Cabinet Heater

Gasland Propane Cabinet Heater (Photo: Amazon)
Gasland Propane Cabinet Heater (Photo: Amazon)

This portable outdoor space heater from GASLAND comes with a built-in handle and rolling wheels can move from patio to garage to workshop with ease. Place a propane tank inside the cabinet for radiant heat that can be set to three different heating modes, with an output that can heat up to 450 square feet. For safety, the heater shut offs if knocked over or if the oxygen level around it is too low. 

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Five-star reviews on Amazon give it points for ease of assembly and use, plus its heating capabilities. Reviews call it “amazing” and “the best purchase I’ve ever made.” Another says it’s been “the best heater investment for us” and that “my next-door neighbor saw what I had and immediately ordered one.”

Where to buy: Amazon

Terra Hiker 55,000 BTUs Outdoor Patio Heater

Terra Hiker Outdoor Patio Heater (Photo: Amazon)
Terra Hiker Outdoor Patio Heater (Photo: Amazon)

It only takes 15 minutes to assemble this patio heater from Terra Hiker, whose heat output of 55,000 BTUs can warm an outside area of up to 322 square feet. A magnetic door hides the propane tank, and the heater produces almost no carbon monoxide during combustion. And because the mechanism is designed for complete combustion, it reduces fuel consumption and means a 20-pound propane tank can burn for up to 27 hours. This outdoor heat lamp is sturdy and equipped with safety features, plus the burner is located well out of reach of children.

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Dozens of purchasers give it five stars on Amazon, noting how easy it is to set up and use. Reviewers say that “the heat it put off was amazing” and that it’s “very attractive looking for any patio or porch.” Another reviewer notes that the “flame stays lit even when a gentle breeze is blowing.”

Where to buy: Amazon

Fire Sense Hammered Square Flame Propane Patio Heater

Fire Sense Hammered Square Flame Propane Patio Heater (Photo: Wayfair)
Fire Sense Hammered Square Flame Propane Patio Heater (Photo: Wayfair)

This outdoor propane heater from Fire Sense scores high in the looks department with its dramatic visual flame. It’s got a heat output of 46,000 BTUs and a heat range diameter of six feet to help keep you warm on cool evenings. Attached wheels make it easy to move into position, and a tip-over protection system keeps you safe if any unexpected mishaps occur.

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Wayfair shoppers give the patio heater five stars for its visual appeal, calling it “really beautiful” and remarking that it “does not look like your standard pyramid style heater.” Others praise its warming power, saying that it “really puts out a lot of heat, even at the low setting” and that it’s “the best heater we’ve owned by far.”

Where to buy: Wayfair

Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater with Wheels

Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater with Wheels (Photo: Amazon)
Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater with Wheels (Photo: Amazon)

Add some drama to your outdoor patio with this more than seven-foot-tall propane patio heater from Hiland. Its quartz glass tube flame definitely catches the eye, and the base is available in several neutral color options to match any decor style. A door on the base makes it easy to access the propane tank (not included), and there’s an auto shut-off tilt valve that keeps things safe if the unit ever tips over. Wheels make it simple to move to the perfect spot.

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More than 1,400 five-star reviews on Amazon.com praise its quality construction and aesthetic appeal, saying it’s “definitely a conversation piece” and that “the ambiance is superb.” You might sacrifice a little bit of heating power for looks here, but it still does the trick, with one reviewer saying it “kept us super warm.” Another called this portable patio heater “my favorite heater ever.”

Where to buy: Amazon

Outdoor Heater Safety Tips

Safety is important when using an outdoor patio heater. Here are some key tips.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using either a propane patio heater or electric outdoor heater. Those instructions should contain information about the necessary clearances and ventilation required when choosing a location for your heater and the correct ways to start, turn off, maintain, and store or cover the patio heater.
  • Make sure to turn off your outdoor heater when no one is in the area to monitor it, and keep kids a safe distance away when in use.
  • Keep anything that can burn at least three feet away from any outdoor heater.
  • When using an electric outdoor heater, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that it is wired or plugged in correctly.
  • Place all outdoor heaters in stable locations where they cannot be knocked over. Don’t use a patio heater on windy days when it could get blown over.
  • And last but not least, keep a fire extinguisher handy, just in case.

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